Tight Lacing and Me.

You know what Tight Lacing? Speaking quite simply, Tight Lacing is the reduction of the waist measurements through the use of the corset (corset) for a long period. I'm Tight Lacing practitioner. And here I want to share my experiences, my doubts (yes, also own several), my findings and my evolution. I have all the patience in the world that requires training, do my exercises, and I know the result only comes with time, discipline and respect to my body and to his pace. No use trample exit by pressing to the last degree, causing discomfort and even pain, patience is a great ally! I intend to reach out to 60cm waist no corset. Because I think for my height is pretty cool, massss we see right!

Nova linha para Tight Lacing

Those who enjoy practicing Tight Lacing always starts with the little black dress (some with the Nude). Here we decided to color. We are making a dedicated line for Tight Lacing with underbust corsets, waist cinchers and Ribbons in several colors. Including Black, nude, pale gray, dark gray, military green, navy blue, brown, sand, red and other more .... How about? I think it gives for a change and the closet ! #Corsetmaker #Pinup #Corset #cintura #tightlacing #waisttraining #underbust #afinarcintura #espartilho #youtube


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