Harley Quinn - Arlequina

Hello, I received a message through Facebook, a request to develop a corset "Harley Quinn". Love challenges, love different parts! I prepared a drawing, and started cooking. I confess I had no idea how it would look, but I could already imagine ... Every point he was taking life, and in the end ... was amaziiiinnng! I posted the photo on the face and the return exceeded all my expectations! People who knew me, others have not, people from outside the country, everyone commenting, enjoying! I just have to thank Vanessa gave me this opportunity, and trust me to do this work !!!!

Bat News!

This week so much fun, I laugh a lot taking pictures to show here for you. Gentem ...'m not modelete, we had no recourse .... it was a morning laughing too along with my friend Paloma Fernandes, my photographer! Of course new photos should have my face and the face of the company! And again, so I make a point! I loved I loved I loved....

New Pics

We loved the testing we do in this Tuesday delicious sun! Looks cool, super relaxed !!!!!! Our face, our way, our style !!!!! I will put all here, because I need fazerum thriller right! Lol ... But I added the bit of news in little, I promise! Photo: Paloma Fernandes. Uia !!!! Neither seems to me, lol.


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