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About Shipping

Products are sent to the post office according to the customer's choice at purchase. The company will post the product with post insurance and receipt confirmation in all shipping options for better care and safety of their customers.


The product may be sent one business day after the expiration of their making within the post office opening hours. Once the product is delivered to the post office, it is responsible to send to our company the product tracking code, and once with the tracking number in hand, the company will send by email this tracking number to that the customer can follow the progress with the site / postal applications.


The company is not responsible for delays, strikes, damage, or any other factor that generates delay in delivery, since we can not have access since the product was delivered to the post office.


We ship to all cities in Brazil and to all countries.


Returns or Exchanges

As this is a piece tailor made, there is the no option to exchanges. There will be the possibility of change, reform or adjustment if the company fabricate the product with different measures sent by the client. This exchange will not result in cost to the customer.


However, if the client sends the wrong measures, a fee for reform and / or adjustment of the part to be negotiated directly with the customer will be charged according to the work to be done in it. if reform is not possible, the customer will have the option of staying with the piece as is, or purchase a new product on our website.


After seven (07) working days from the dispatch of the measures will not be allowed to exchange models. If the customer wants to exchange the model after this period, a fee of US$ 75.00 (seventy five Dolars) will be charged to cover the costs of the design model and possible tissue cut.


Order cancellation

We will only accept refund for cancellation with confirmed order and payment within seven (07) working days and / or that have not yet started manufacturing processes and / or consumptions for their production have not been acquired by the company.


This cancellation will be deducted from the financial burden (taxes and fees) and the refund will be done by our financial services provider.


If you fail to provide your measurements within a maximum period of fifteen (15) business days after confirmation of your purchase, the company will consider the order as canceled and no refund to the customer, except in cases communicated in writing to the company by of the customer.


If the above observations are not met, no refunds will be made to the customer, and your order will be canceled.


Communication with the company

For better customer service and security between the two sides, we kindly ask customers to first communicate with the company via e-mail (ex .: for any questions, sending information, etc. in order to document all data exchange between the parties.


It is extremely important to follow this process so that all history is saved and documented, thus ensuring a better relationship between the parties.


All documents submitted by the parties are considered "confidential" and our company prohibits disclosure by any means, of this information / data.


The emails sent to the company, will be answered in an average period of three (3) business days.


If you do not receive a return of our company within that period, it may indicate that we have not received your e-mail for some reason, so please call us.


Order Confirmation

Once the payment is confirmed by our financial agent, we will send an e-mail client, with your order confirmation number and the ways to take measurements. Moreover, in our channel on youtube we have a video that helps you understand how to take all measures, as well as a figure to guide the measurement. .


It is important to always use this order confirmation number sent by our team, to better location of your order within our company.

Timeframe to manufacture

The period we are working is UP 45 (forty five) working days for the making of each product. This term does not refer only to the time it takes to manufacture the part, but is a term that we asked to answer a current applications demand and meet processes that we do not control directly, such as release of products needed to manufacture that is imported. In periods of holidays (ex .: CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR) or periods when we filed some promotion products, this period may increase, and will be available this information on our website or the rules of each promotion.


Online Safe request

We aim to offer products and first-rate services thus work only reputable companies in the market that partnerships are our financial transaction, for example, PayPal and PagSeguro.


Process sales

Once the order is approved by the financial service provider in our Online Store, we will send to the e-mail registered in the customer's order, a reference figure with the measures we need for making the corset and a link to our video posted at Youtube. We remember that each company has its way of production and therefore not resend previous measures sent to another company or out of the processes that we requested.


Client must provide accurate measurements, style, fabric, and trim selection, within 15 (fifteen) days of first payment. Client must provide clear photos of themselves. Client must make payments as scheduled. Failure to do any of these steps requested should result in cancellation and loss of deposit/payment.


As soon as the measures are received, the professional responsible for the preparation he/she will review and check all data sent, and is there some doubt will contact the customer. At this time we can provide support and suggestions, but ultimately, it is the client’s responsibility to select the appropriate style, get questions and send the measures. After this important step, we begin to count the period of corset production; The first step is the design model/mockup, material as busks, etc will be acquired as well and after it we will prepare the fabric and cut the the mold designed with the measurements provided by the customer, send to the atelier to waiting to be sewn. As soon as the product be done, we review all measures and details, to be sure that all are set and ready to post the product to the customer.


It is the customer responsibility all needed information contact, delivery address. The company is not responsible for miss data provided by customers of any kind.


If the company made a mistake, we will be responsible for the refurbishment and resend and without any cost product to the client.

If found that the customer sent wrong information to the company, the customer will be responsible for the cost of reform and/or shipping (round trip), as we can not verify the veracity of the information that are sending to us.


Product warranty

The company will give thirty (30) days warranty on the making of it, not providing assurance about the conservation of the same or inappropriate use of the product.


No complaints will be accepted after 7 (seven) days of receipt of the product, which must be checked upon receipt and any questions answered first and directly with our company within this period.

A corset made by our company is safe and comfortable when used and handled properly. In our Q & A area there is a way of caring for your corset properly. If you are unsure or need information, please consult our company.


Our company is not responsible for:

  • Any loss or damage to the corset, clothing or other items, due to misuse of the product, improper storage of cleaning, removing, or wear.

  • Any loss or damage caused by dry cleaning.

  • Any damage to your body, for products made with wrong measures provided by the customer. Make sure the information sent and when in doubt, watch the videos posted on our youtube channel and / or contact with the company.

  • Materials used: We use high quality materials, but we can not predict how they will behave over time, in different climates, handling and use of the product, or as a response to various cleaning methods, including professional dry cleaning .

  • Customs Services or taxes / fees. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient.


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